• Kids drink pesticide mixed cola, Critical!

    Kids drink pesticide mixed cola, Critical!0

    Are we running towards an unhealthy world? Four children felt sick after drinking a soft drink mixed with pesticide near Alathur panchayat in Chittoor district on Sunday. According to the police, the children went to play in a mango orchard of a farmer on Sunday evening. While playing, the children came across a bottle of

  • Foxtail millet good for Diabetes

    Foxtail millet good for Diabetes0

    Foxtail millet known as Korra in local parlance remains to be a staple diet of rural people. After the introduction of subsidized rice scheme in the early eighties, people switched over to rice and the demand started declining for millet. However, of late the importance of the foxtail millet was recognized as diabetic food. The millet is rich

  • Andhra Pradesh- MedTech Zone at Visakhapatanam (AMTZ)

    Andhra Pradesh- MedTech Zone at Visakhapatanam (AMTZ)0

    AMTZ- India’s first exclusive medical device manufacturing park, laid the foundation at Nadupur village of Pedda Gantyada. Dr Henk Bekedem, WHO Representative to India said “this project will be a game changer for India in the field of health care. AMTZ has global consequences, from being pharmacy of the world to being the medical devices manufacturing hub of the world.