• Rose petals this Wedding Season!

    Rose petals this Wedding Season!0

    Rose petals have become an important element in the wedding decors and it adds beauty and love to almost any occasion because of their float and airy feel. And it is a great way to incorporate tradition, romance and fun in the weddings. It is said that different colors have different meanings and symbolizes something

  • Floral Centerpieces for every occasion!

    Floral Centerpieces for every occasion!0

    From upscale to traditional, centerpieces are the best ways to sparkle your table on any occasion. Learn how to incorporate the floral centerpieces in your decor to impress your guests and get them talking. A few bright blooms can make the difference… A bright bouquet of vibrant pink peonies with a mix of white tulips

  • Living Coral in the Decor

    Living Coral in the Decor0

    Every color reflects a certain mood and emotion in any ambience. Living color, being a warm color that exudes relaxation, peace and happiness makes an ideal pick-out color for your home. It can be incorporated in several ways like putting them for cozy rugs, blankets, cushions and can be used to add a dramatic effect

  • “Living Coral” color of the year -2019

    “Living Coral” color of the year -20190

    Pantone colour Institute has chosen “Living Coral” as the colour of 2019. As their website says, Living Coral represents the fusion of modern life. It’s a colour that appears in the natural surroundings and also has a lively presence in social media. Many of the designers took to the social media on the announcement of

  • Saina Nehwal enters the Just married club!

    Saina Nehwal enters the Just married club!0

    Ace badminton player Saina Nehwal has been showered loads of love from all over the country with congratulatory messages on her wedding to Parupalli Kashyap. She got married in a very private ceremony at the registrar office at Hyderabad yesterday. Speaking to the media of her decade long relationship, Saina spoke about their journey together