Exclusive talks with Vizag MP contestant Anmish

Exclusive talks with Vizag MP contestant Anmish

It is very important that citizens of the place should know the contestants of elections very well to vote to choose the right person. So, we at AP Citizens took an initiative to explore the political contestants for the upcoming elections. In that way, we got a chance to have an exclusive chat with the

It is very important that citizens of the place should know the contestants of elections very well to vote to choose the right person. So, we at AP Citizens took an initiative to explore the political contestants for the upcoming elections. In that way, we got a chance to have an exclusive chat with the young, upcoming MP contestant full of leadership qualities and a fighting spirit, Anmish Varma.

About Anmish:

Anmish is a MBA graduate and has been practicing karate for over 15 years and recently brought a Gold in the World Karate Championships held at Greece. We have here an exclusive interview with Anmish on his ideas, his career, political journey and much more.

Exclusive Interview:

Interviewer: Hello Anmish, Pleasure to have this interview.

Anmish: Hi.

Interviewer: So, being into sports and then walking into politics, What are your aspirations as a child and now after you grew up?

Anmish: So, I was into sports from my childhood and since then i had this inclination towards social service. Now it has developed into the mindset of helping humanity and achieve more targets.

Interviewer: When did you first think that you wanted to enter politics?

Anmish: Each person has a goal in their life to do something out of their passion and they will be best at it. Be it engineering, doctor or any other profession, only passionate people can do justice to the work. I think that i am good in this field, coming into it with fresh ideas. I think this is my career from the very beginning.

The field requires interacting with lot of people and serving them at whole. And i love doing that. That’s when i thought of getting into Politics for the first time.

Interviewer: What are your views on the development of the Nation?

Anmish: My views on development is to change the old system in the political environment. To get into politics with a view to gain money or fame is not an acceptable thing. Also, the country can only develop when the youth start to take part in the Political frame and bring in a new system.

Interviewer: Explain to us more about your journey towards having a Political career from Sports.

Anmish: Sports for me, is something so important and a part of life like having food. And so, I regularly practice. The dream of being a world champion is something that I have from my childhood, which carried into my present. And then I also wanted to serve the country at the larger level. That was the main reason for me to get into politics along with sports. So with the complete spirit of a sportsperson and that dynamism, I have entered into the field.

Interviewer: What are your future plans for the betterment of the region you are contesting from?

Anmish: The main problem that I find, even while campaigning is that when I ask people if they are facing any issue, they simply say that they are all good. They don’t see a problem not because there is not one, but because they are addicted to facing it.

Also, lack of knowledge in utilising the benefits already provided by the government. I believe that personally, you need not put in money to serve people. Making the benefits given to them reach all is the type of betterment that I am expecting to do.

Interviewer: What do you think about the other politicians and the work they do and the idea of the current political scenario in place?

Anmish: It is common with the politicians in the current trend that they serve people during the time of elections. After that they don’t try to do anything to the people except to satisy their own power hunger or may be money at times. And very less people have come forward to be in touch with the people regularly. I feel that it is not sufficient going by thier position.

Interviewer: You have been campaigning for the importance of voting recently. Can you please tell us more about that?

Anmish: With due knowledge, I have come to know by stats that a lot of people are not even getting enrolled in the electorate. They forget the main importance of the Right to Vote, which can go in a long way. So by emphasizing the importance, we are trying to get people to vote not for money, not for favours, but for the reason that they believe in the governance of the candidate contesting in the election.

Interviewer: What/ Who is your inspiration for holding on to the politics and your motto?

Anmish: I don’t have any specific inspiration to get into politics. But for holding on to my motto, two persons have inspired me a lot. Alluri Sitaramaraju and Bhagat Singh. These people have fought for the country, for its freedom and benefit. Their vigour inspires me a lot to hold on to what I believe for.

Interviewer: Why do you think is politics treated as a dirty subject by the general public?

Given that many people including younger ones are not interested to talk about the subject that is most important for them.

Anmish: It has been created by people and they don’t give respect to politicians due to their misuse of power and money. But what people don’t understand is that there are many genuine people out there who are contesting in the election. Those people are not getting chosen because people live in a misconception that good people doesn’t stand a chance in the political career. So, it is our responsibility to choose these persons for our own good.

Interviewer: What do you think of the recent NOTA decision of the supreme court?

Is it valid to a point or do you think more reforms are required?

Anmish: NOTA is something very beneficial to choose to opt out of the candidates in the selected list. Then ideally, people should be trying to elect independent candidates and give them a chance to serve them.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

Anmish: I certainly believe that i could win in the elections and i have obtained the support of many people mostly youth and other political leaders. If corrupted persons are so confident on winning elections, then the genuine ones should be even more confident about that and not feel afraid.

Interviewer: We have seen your organisation Kalpavruksh taking an initiative in reaching masses. Can you please tell us more?

Anmish: When we started out Kalpavruksh in 2014, there was a misconception that social service can be done only with money. So we challenged it out by organizing several awareness camps on different topics, organ donation and blood donation camps. It was awarded as the Best Social Awareness work by an NGO. We are still continuing it in the same way, with the support of many people and well wishers.

Interviewer: So you are now contesting as an independent candidate.

Will we see you forming a political party of your own in the future or you wish to remain the independent person you are?

Anmish: I will currently contest in the election as an independent candidate. But given the situations in the political environment and to bring youth into politics, i may even start a party, or may be join hands with someone. That is in the next level wholly based on the situation.

Interviewer: So, Anmish, What is the one message that you would want to give to the youth of the country?

Anmish: The message i want to give to the Youth is that “Please get registered to be able to vote” and “Say no to Note”. It helps for the development of the very society that you live in. And try to raise awareness among the people that you live with. In this way, we would be able to change the society.

Interviewer: Thank you Anmish. That was wonderful talking to you.

Anmish: Thank you.

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