AP restrictions on Gutka and Cigarette

AP restrictions on Gutka and Cigarette

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy took another vital decision in pursuit of creating an ideal environment for public schools. The government is aiming to provide a cleaner atmosphere in and around the schools. It did put in efforts to upgrade the look of public schools already and now taking steps to ban the selling of pan, gutka, and cigarettes in shops within 200 meters of the school’s vicinity.

This rule applies to all the government schools throughout the state. The Medical Health Department will oversee the matter and the ANM’s are responsible to monitor the situation in the school regularly. ANM’s have to observe the condition by going to their assigned two or three schools and check personally.

A special app will be developed by the government for implementing this decision effectively. This app will provide a facility to upload photos of any violations happening in and around the school. If the information is found to be correct a strict action will be imposed on the shop operators.

Apart from the shops, strict measures are also taken to keep away the smokers and drinkers from the surrounding areas. Children are prone to influence quickly and seeing such people might have a bad influence on them. So, the government is taking measures to curb the impact from the early stage by keeping them away from ill effects.

At the same time, educative boards are planted around the schools indicating the bad effects of such addictions. Even the school teachers are not allowed to smoke on the school premises as this has a greater effect on kids. The government has made it clear that strict action will be taken against them if this rule is dishonored. A complete action plan is yet to be formulated and once done it will be implemented soon after.

These regulations will come into force when the schools reopen after Corona and the authorities are making sure that the implementation will be strict. The Department of Education and Medical Health Department will work for hand in hand to make this enforcement successful.

Under the leadership of YS Jaganmohan Reddy, AP public schools and the educational sector of the state have seen a radical change. This new step is appreciated by the parents as a thoughtful idea and will benefit the students as it prevents them from leaning towards addictions at a young age.

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