IT Jobs – A summary of IT job cuts in 2023.

IT Jobs – A summary of IT job cuts in 2023.

We are still counting the cost of last year’s technological advancements. Tens of thousands of IT jobs tech employees were laid off again in 2023, this time by the biggest names in tech, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Zoom. Even startups in the crypto and enterprise SaaS industries have declared layoffs.

Reductions in staff size are typically justified by pointing to the state of the global economy and the necessity of imposing some form of control in the face of the uncertainty that surrounds the road to profitability. But keeping tabs on layoffs tells us which firms are under the most stress and can afford to hire new employees now, and how this affects innovation. It’s a sobering reflection of the real-world effects of layoffs and the potential future shifts in individual risk profiles in IT jobs.

You’ll find a monthly updated summary below of all the tech layoffs that have been reported so far in 2023. Send us a message if you know anything about an impending termination. You can use our contact form to reach us discreetly if that is your preference.

Terminations in the Technology Industry in 2023 Running Sum for the first twelve complete months: 121,205 IT jobs

There were 84,714 layoffs in January. January Terminations in the Technology Industry in 2023

There were 36,491 layoffs in February. February Terminations in the Technology Industry in 2023

The aforementioned tally was compiled using data provided by

March 2023


The company announced on March 30 that it would be laying off about 200 workers, or about 6% of its total staff. In November, the company implemented a workforce reduction strategy resulting in the termination of 200 employees in the United States.


On March 30, it was announced that the company had laid off over 350 employees, which accounts for 12% of its workforce. This comes just four months after the company had previously cut approximately 350 roles in November.


Lucid has recently announced on March 28th that it will be reducing its workforce by 18%, which translates to 1,300 employees being laid off. The layoffs will be completed by the conclusion of the second quarter in 2023.


On March 28, it was announced that the company had made the decision to eliminate more than 100 jobs in the South Asian market. As a result, the majority of the engineering team in India was laid off. According to a statement from a spokesperson at GitHub to TechCrunch, the company’s recent layoff is a part of its previously announced efforts to streamline operations. In February, GitHub disclosed plans to reduce its workforce by approximately 10% by the end of Q1 2023.


Disney announced on March 27th through an internal memo to its employees that there will be three rounds of layoffs, with the first round commencing this week. The announcement made in February stated that around 7,000 employees would be affected by the job cuts.


According to a report by Bloomberg on March 24, Brian Millham, the chief operating officer of Salesforce, suggested that the company may continue with its ongoing job cuts, in line with the trend in the technology industry. In the event that the layoffs occur, they would be in addition to the 10% reduction that was implemented in January.


On March 23, it was announced that the company intends to reduce its workforce by 19,000 jobs, which accounts for 2.5% of its total workforce.


On March 22, it was announced that the company will be reducing its workforce by 15%, resulting in the layoff of 2,200 employees.


Issued a statement on March 22 announcing the dismissal of about 100 workers, or 27% of its workforce.


On March 20, it was announced that the company will be implementing a workforce reduction and laying off 400 employees.


On March 20, it was announced that a significant number of employees would be laid off. Approximately 9,000 individuals are expected to be affected by this decision. Approximately 10% of overall was from AWS. It has been announced that Amazon will be discontinuing DPReview as part of their latest wave of layoffs.


On March 20th, the company made an announcement that it had to lay off a minimum of 100 employees, which accounts for approximately 2% of the total workforce.

Course Hero

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On March 16th, it was announced that a reduction of 15% of the workforce had been implemented, resulting in the termination of 42 employees.


On March 15th, Klaviyo announced that 140 people across all departments would be losing their jobs.


Microsoft recently announced that it would be laying off 10,000 employees, and among those affected was an entire team tasked with ensuring that advances in artificial intelligence are implemented in a way that promotes ethical, responsible, and viable outcomes.


On March 14, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg verified reports that the company would be laying off 10,000 workers and filling about 5,000 positions.

Y Combinator

On March 13th, Y Combinator announced that 20% of employees, or 17 people, will be affected.


Salesforce stated in January that it would be eliminating 10% of its workforce, but some employees didn’t find out about it until February. The news of layoffs is trickling into more workers this week of March 10. Salesforce has verified that these layoffs constitute a portion of the 10%.


A 5% reduction in staff, or approximately 500 jobs, will be eliminated at Atlassian, the company announced on March 6.


The business announced the layoff of 475 workers, or 8% of the workforce, on March 6.


More than 2,000 people were employed by the Nigerian business-to-business e-commerce site before layoffs began in September of that year. On March 6, Alerzo announced that it had implemented a reduction in force, resulting in a 15 percent reduction in its full-time staff. As a result, approximately 800 individuals are no longer employed by the company.


The layoffs, which affect about 15% of workers, were announced on March 1.


The cuts at Waymo, an Alphabet company, were announced on March 1. The autonomous vehicle technology company has recently reduced its workforce by 8%, which amounts to 209 employees, as a continuation of the previous round of layoffs that occurred in January.


On March 1, an announcement was made regarding the layoffs of approximately 500 individuals globally.

February 2023


More than 200 people were let go by the business on February 26th, among them Esther Crawford, Haraldur Thorleifsson, and Leah Culver. More than 70% of Twitter’s workforce has been cut since Musk assumed control in October of last year.


The news was announced on February 24; Poshmark later verified with TechCrunch that only 2% of its U.S. employees were impacted. Currently, the workforce totals 800 people and counting.

Green Labs

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an accurate estimate of how many employees Green Labs intends to lay off. TechCrunch has verified with Green Labs that the company is in the midst of a layoff round that could affect as much as half of the company’s employees.

Chipper Cash

Just 10 weeks after laying off about 12.5% of its workforce, the African international payment portal declared on February 20 that it had performed an additional round of layoffs. About 100 workers, or nearly a third of Chipper Cash’s staff, were let go.


Convoy decided to close its Atlanta location and lay off employees on February 16. This is the company’s third round of layoffs in a little under a year.


According to an announcement made by Sprinklr on February 15th, more than 100 of the company’s 4,000 workers around the world will be affected.


On February 13th, iRobot announced that they would be laying off 7% of their staff, or about 85 people.


On February 13th, Twilio revealed that it would affect about 17% of its worldwide workforce or about 1,400 employees.


On February 9, GitHub revealed that 10% of its workforce would be affected through the conclusion of the fiscal year. Fortune was the first to disclose that GitHub had added 1,000 new employees.


On February 9th, Yahoo announced it would be laying off 20% of its workforce, or about 1,600 people, in the company’s ad tech division. TechCrunch is a subsidiary of Yahoo.


On February 9th, GitLab revealed that it would be laying off 7% of its workforce. About 114 people will be let go as a result of this round of layoffs, but the exact number will rely on how many employees are still working as of February 9.


On February 8th, Affirm announced it would be laying off 19% of its workforce, or roughly 500 people, and disbanding its crypto division.


On February 7th, Zoom made an announcement regarding the layoff of 1,300 employees, which accounts for 15% of their workforce.


VinFast has not officially disclosed the exact number of job cuts. However, a former employee has posted on LinkedIn that “almost 35 positions” have been terminated. Declared on the 6th of February.


On February 6, Dell made an announcement that would affect 6,650 employees globally or 5% of the workforce.


10% of Getaround’s workforce, or roughly 42 people, were let go on February 2.


150 of Pinterest’s workers were affected by the news on February 2nd. The first round of layoffs occurred in December 2022, and this second round is happening only a few weeks later.


On February 1st, Rivian announced that it would be laying off another 6% of its staff, the second such layoff in a little over a year.

January 2023

SoFi Technologies

A total of 65 positions, or about 5% of SoFi Technologies’ 1,300 employees, were to be cut, the company announced on January 31. This news was initially published in The Wall Street Journal.


On January 31st, NetApp announced that 8% of its workforce, or roughly 960 employees, would be affected.


It was reported on January 31 that Groupon would be laying off another 500 people. The business announced that the new round of cutbacks will occur during the first half of 2023.

Impossible Foods

Bloomberg was the first to disclose that more than 100 employees—20% of the company’s total—would be affected.


Approximately 2,000 full-time workers, or 7% of its staff, were affected, as announced on January 30.


With a new CEO in place, the company announced on January 30 that it would be laying off half of its staff, or 800 people.


The Information reports that on January 24, 2019, employees were discreetly laid off from the Alphabet division responsible for self-driving technology. The number of Waymo employees who will be impacted is currently unknown.


Reported on January 23 and affecting roughly 600 workers (or 6% of its worldwide staff).


On January 21, Google Inc.’s parent company stated it would be laying off 6%, or 12,000, of its global workforce. Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, and Intrinsic, Alphabet’s robotics business, will both be affected by these reductions.


On January 20th, the entertainment business revealed that a large number of workers would be affected across several of their properties. Variety claims that out of the company’s total workforce of around 500 employees, about 10% have been affected by the layoffs.


On January 20, Swiggy announced that it would be closing its meat store and laying off 380 employees.


On January 18th, Sophos announced that around 450 of its employees around the world would be losing their jobs.


The announcement made on January 18 affected 10,000 workers.


70% of the staff was let go on January 18th.


On January 17, Clearco made an announcement that would have a 30% effect on all teams.


ShareChat announced on January 15 that it was laying off 20% of its personnel, or more than 400 employees, just one month after eliminating over 100 positions.


SmartNews announced on January 12th that it will be implementing a workforce reduction of 40 percent in both the United States and China, resulting in the termination of approximately 120 employees.


Intrinsic, an Alphabet company that makes software for robots, is eliminating 40 jobs. On January 12th, TechCrunch reported the news. About 20% of total employees.


Over twenty-one percent of the fintech startup’s entire staff of 485 were let go on January 12.

Career Karma

System for navigating with learning On January 12th, Career Karma announced the layoff of 22 more employees across the globe and in the United States.


On the 12th of the month, DirectTV announced that on the 20th of the same month, they would be firing about 10% of their management team.


On January 11 it was announced that 450 employees around the world, or 7% of the total, would be losing their jobs.


It was reported on January 11 that the equity management company had laid off 10% of its workforce. If you believe the numbers on LinkedIn, somewhere around 200 people were let go.


On January 11, this news would affect 33 employees.


On January 10th, it was revealed that 950 jobs, or roughly 20% of the workforce, would be eliminated, and “several” projects would be halted. After laying off 18% of its staff, or roughly 1,100 people, in June 2017, the cryptocurrency exchange is now laying off another round of employees.


According to a January 6 announcement, the NFT platform will be laying off 30% of its workforce.


The statement was made on January 5 announcing the loss of over 18,000 jobs. This statement delays layoffs that were originally scheduled for November 2022. The service was officially discontinued on January 19th.


On January 4, Salesforce announced that it would be laying off 10% of its staff, which would affect more than 7,000 people. A month later, a portion of Salesforce’s workforce learned that they, too, would be affected by the company’s 10% closure plan.


On January 4th, Vimeo announced that it would be laying off 11 percent of its staff.


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