Tourists to explore the only grassland in AP

Tourists to explore the only grassland in AP

C.V. Praveen Adithya, then ITDA Project Officer, had imposed Section 144 in March 2021 after thousands of tourists to explore from across South India destroyed the grassland ecosystem during night camps. The peaceful life of the tribes who inhabited the Gudisa hill range and its surrounding regions, the unregulated tourist activities had also disrupted the peaceful life of the locals.

By withdrawing Section 144 from the Gudisa hill range, Rampachodavaram, Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) has paved the way for tourists to explore the unique grasslands.
Pullangi panchayat had passed a resolution on August 18 approving the opening of the grassland hill station tourists to explore. Despite this, the police had refused to allow tourism activities as a result of Section 144.
To protect the unique ecosystem of the grassland, environmental activists oppose any tourism activists. As part of its efforts to regulate tourism activities, the Department of Forest has also been focusing on this issue. A tourism strategy that directly involves the local communities is yet to be developed.

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